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Roma wants to sell destro , Ac milan wants destro , roma wants him outside of italy, destro wants milan.


don’t ever fall in love with a footballer

Benedict doing the ALS Bucket Challenge



imagine all your online friends living near you


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AC Milan ice challenge → Mattia De Sciglio, Ignazio Abate and Giampaolo Pazzini

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AC Milan ice challenge → Stephan El Shaarawy

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j26terry said: destro or hernandez is good but torres?? idk i mean im already shock that they let Balo go

they are so stupid and they still owe Man city money???? haha 

yellow-card-for-de-rossi said: -grabs Destro and runs- Sorry can’t have him, he is ours. Nope.

Cant blame you tbh but we need him hahaha 

j26terry said: torres?!!

IKR!!!!!!! milan is pissing me off :( 

ianrushs said: torres? really milan? btw destro is the best choice, he’s great and young but i don’t want him to leave roma :( (he’s linked to chelsea what’s even worse)

Milan is also linked to Eto’o and i didn’t write him so its doesn’t come true, tbh am sick of our management! but Berlusconi said once he liked Destro and he wished he’d play for Milan, which am hoping it happens. 

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Alda Villiljós - My home of fire and ice, 2014

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Milan choices for Balotelli replacement are: 

Idk man for me either Destro or Hernandez am going to choose. wbu guys? 

Pazzini , Abate and De Sciglio did the ice bucket challenge and Mattia nominated Sandro Nesta. 😭💋

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