Milan always launched young players in this years (Merkel,Strasser,DeSciglio). I think that if Cristante (Saponara and Petagna too), played only 3 matches it's because Milan's Staff doesn't think that he'll become a great player in the future..

Yes i agree, except for Saponara i believe in this player so much last season against Inter he played wonderfully! I hope he gets more playing time this season.

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Stephan El Shaarawy during the first half of Milan VS. Lazio - 01/09/14

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I think that Cristante is a good player, but in his role there are already De Jong e Van Ginkel, I agree that Milan should sell Byron at better price but I think that Galliani will replace with another good player (Suso? He can do the half winger)

Van Ginkel is a replacement to Riccardo Montolivo. But also i think the player need a playing time and maybe he wanted to leave also Inzaghi knows him better than everyone so am sure he’s not that waste of money.

Plus it reminds me of Bojan when he was in the youth team and every one thought he’s the next big thing.
And looks like Barcelona sold him and they didn’t lose anything.

I wish him all the best he’s too you :’)

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About Cristante

Yes he’s a talented player! One of the brightest up coming stars, but to sell him for 6 M? Its sad because then Benfica will go around after 2 years and sell him up to 20-40 M once he get to be stronger.

But also inzaghi was his coach in the youth team, why would he agree to sell him in that amount of money? And not loan him?

One last thing i feel like loaning him to Benfica will be good for us he will get more experience there and then he’ll come to milan and play in the first team.
Only years will prove us wether we will regret this or not.

(But to still have muntari and poli??)

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We can see Tom actually turn on his charm in the first gif.

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Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana)
capital: Rome (
41°54′N 12°29′E)
national days: april 25th (liberation day), june 2nd (republic day)

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paolo maldini makes me angry because i can’t have him 

David Luiz giving interview, a “little” drunk, for a italian channel. (x)

Beginners guide to the clubs of Serie A, Part 1.

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On their way to Rome to play . [x]