do you ever take a good picture of yourself and use it for everything and then look at it one day and ur like omg this is actually worst picture ever

"In Pepe’s eyes, I’m not a human. He called me a ‘macaco’ (‘monkey’ in Portugese) during my time at Barca, and then he spat at me. I said to myself: ‘This man is not worth anything’. I did not speak publicly about this because he has no value. I didn’t want to shake his hand in the friendly and I said this before to Mehdi Benatia. He went behind me and he spat at me. I had a bottle of water and I threw it at him and then all the other players came. The ‘blancos’ (Real Madrid players) wanted to hit me. It’s true that I displayed a bad image and I apologize, but it’s unacceptable that a man can spit. I’m not a saint, but I respect people. I will not argue with those who do not regard me as a human being, he has displayed unacceptable behavior. Is racism widespread in football? No, we shouldn’t generalize. I’m African and I’ve played in Europe for years. I’ve been able to deal with wonderful people. It’s just a minority."
- Keita on the incident with Pepe (via cescfabregas)
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International Champions Cup, 7/29/2014
Real Madrid 0-1 AS Roma
Francesco Totti 58’

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my scigliboo (x)

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Story of summer : Barca and their CBs.

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Bastian Schweinsteiger apologizes to Borussia Dortmund (x)

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derek theler ∞ baby daddy - 3x11

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How sexy is your name?


Add the letters in your first name using the numbers below =) 

- Under 60 points= NOT TOO SEXY
- Between 61-300 points= PRETTY SEXY
- Between 301-599 points= VERY SEXY

Don’t forget to add your name and your total!!!

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Gonna watch the first half of San Paolo match just for Ricky. And then Milan! After that, I will have a nice chat with my girls maldinis and milanmilansempreperte

I cant wait for that❤️❤️❤️ i want stephan to score in the milan game :$$

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Stephan calls a fan to renew her membership [+]

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am going to watch THE EXPENDABLES 3!!!!! Jason Stathman is my hero!!!!

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